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Just one more chance

I had never imagined how cold it would be, with you not by my side
All my thoughts, all my feeling, in you I could confide

Its hard to let go of all that I know and all that I built with you
When winter comes it comes for good in a world that feels so new

How did we slip, how did I fall, how did I let us fail
I look in the mirror and all I see is a face so awfully pale

I loved too hard I loved too deep, I often couldn’t see
that in my love I hurt you bad, I pleasured only me

Selfish I was to make you feel as if I was always right
To come to terms when I was wrong, I always put up a fight

And now I am sorry, but yet it’s all to late for you have left it all behind
I traced the world I searched the earth, but its you I couldn’t find

If I could have just one more chance to prove that we are meant to be
I would let you know that I am all you need, and our love is the only key

A lesson well learnt I swear I have changed, if this you only knew
A winters day will surely end in a world that is meant for two



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