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All my life
I live with strifes.
Living in a world full of mischiefs.
As a young girl
I worked my way
To find a place in society.

Prominent people say,
I'm an outcast
better stay away.
I could not understand why
I have to suffered this way.

But,still I stand up
 and found my way.
I went to a place full of strangers,
there i thought i found my place.

But then,
I'm an out cast not in the same race.
And i found life unfair and hopeless.
Several years I stayed there
 but realized clock is moving,
time is ticking
and I'm not getting any younger.

Decided I need to be home
and have a family of my own,
maybe then I will have
a place to call it "Home".

I was just broken
and i thougth my life is doomed
 and I'm an outcast
no place to call it my own.

I felt I was drowning
 and life for me was gloom,
then I met the groom
full of love and passion.

Nothing but bliss i found
in the arms of the man I belong
 for the rest of my life
I promise to love
and be love in return.

I thought I found my place
 to call it my own,
I was wrong.
I'm still an outcast
thriving to belong.

I just want to have a place
to call it my own,
but people always
 put me down
even my beloved
 suffered in his own.

Why I can't be happy,
what have I done wrong?
My heart is breaking
 not for my own,
but for my love who strive
 to make a living
 and give his wife
 and child a better home.

But,people are making it difficult.
Some people just can't be happy
 and pulled every one down.

I'm an out cast where do I belong?
Why I can't be happy?
What have i done wrong?
I thought I found my place
But an outcast is an outcast
No place to call it "HOME".

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