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Missing you

I've been living inside a lie
Convincing myself that I am fine
But the truth is I was standing on a mine
To show you that I have committed a crime
To leave you waiting for me all that time
So I decided to write you this rhyme
Hoping it will make you feel a little bit more fine
Hoping if you read it, it might set you free
Or at least give you a little time to think about me
I've been thinking it through over and over again
And I can't feel anything but regret and pain
I can't wait to get back to you and see your beautiful face
I can't wait to be with you in our special place
You are the most beautiful and amazing person I've ever known
And without you I think my mind is going to be blown
Forgive me my love, forgive me my dear
The day will come, And I will hold you near
And I will never leave your sight again
I just wanna watch you breathing out and breathing in
I wrote these words while watching the waves moving in the sea
And all I can think about is the day you'll read these words and think of me.

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