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Panafest – Pan African Festival in Ghana, Cape Coast and Elmina

Panafest, also known as the Pan African Festival, has garnered the interest of much of the African continent and its Diaspora. Held in Ghana, this major biennial event is a cultural forum for Africans and people of African descent, as well as friends of the continent who are committed to the cause of Pan Africanism.

The venues for Panafest are the historical towns of Cape Coast and Elmina. The festival is a celebration of African cultural, music culinary
tiffany co arts, history and civilization. Ghana travel agencies have created exciting itineraries that include Panafest as a focal point of many Ghana tours. During a Ghana vacation, travelers can experience this ancient land while attending Panafest. For Ghana package tours visit

Panafest activities include performances and workshops in theatre, drama, music, cinema, poetry, colloquia and lectures. Attendees
tiffany jewellery can also witness the colorful traditional durbar of chiefs and experience the popular excursions for any Ghana Tour – the slave castles of Elmina.

Ghana vacations are not limited to the Cape Coast and Elmina, there is much more to enjoy. A Ghana holiday can include a visit to the Ashanti Kingdom; a cruise on the largest manmade lake in the world, Lake Volta; an adventure at Kakum tiffany National Park; an ecotour of the Shai Hills; or just relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach basking in the sunshine. View more excursions and holiday packages combined with Panafest at

Many travelers use their Panafest tour as the perfect occasion for Ghana volunteerism. They take the opportunity to give back to the West Africa community.

Throughout the world a number of travelers have marked their calendars for Panafest celebrations which take place every two years from the end
tiffany co jewellery of July to early August. Visit for a Ghana travel guide to Panafest.

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