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Just Not Right

My body starts to shiver in the warm wind. Whistling in my ears as it passed by.

It’s just not right that you’re not by my side. The door seems cracked but not big enough for me to peep through, so I stand…

Phone ringing, but silence when I answer. Melodies of your name is on repeat

Gloomy mornings I arise from a dream, which you swept me off my feet

It’s just not right that you’ve gone; gone to a place you lay and call it home

While our hearts still entwine as one. Belonging with love and not with fate your

Disappointments should upset me, how I feel it’s too late, too late of apologizing

Because all you wanted was me, I was blinded by the past, and our future ended with three

Eyes wide open yet you’re unable to see, the chances we have, and what’s really meant to be

Lips seem sealed while words flow continuously, truth was revealed.

It’s just not right you had to lie. The betrayal was on your mind,

The deceit was carried right behind, behind the fact that you’re still in love

But I question myself no more;

 I just ask and look above

It’s just not right.

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