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Another option is to look around for the jewelry exhibits happening in your town

Do you find difficulty in selling your jewelry? Or you are interested in selling your jewelry in different manner to your time and money? No doubt it is a difficult job to do specially for the person who is working with his own craft for exhibits and jewelry shows. To market your design means less time to design and more time in travelling, this could cause less productivity level. Thinking about the solution? Well we have some solutions to your problem.

First make a list of sales rep; the jewelry sales reps. Sales reps are the travelling sales person who can carry the several lines of jewelry patterns to move among various boutiques and designer's gallery. All they need is small percentage of total sales; usually it falls between 10% and 20%. For example if your design sells at $ 80 then sales commission will be 9.6 as if the percentage was 12. And if you calculate your travelling time and cost charged then you feel that you had saved a lot. You can find sales rep ads in classified section of Lapidary Journal.

Reason why I am suggesting you to hire a sales person is that he must know the people who are in this field and they can give you the good price of your jewelry. It is most rewarding situation for you to gain such a good amount for your designs without any hectic. Another good reason to hire sales rep is that he can tell you the latest stuff, means he knows what's in and what's out and also the modification in basic design.

For sales rep you must have a statement of all terms and conditions with all the structured or unstructured problems, including all shipments certification. Networking with other jewelers can also solve your problem.

Another option is to look around for the jewelry exhibits happening in your town. This is also a nice opportunity to get clients who are in search of original hand crafted designs. Once a method starts working effectively then you need not worry about the sales. Only thing you have to worry about is developing latest, creative and most wanted designs.

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