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Started purchasing personalized jewelry

Valentines Day just passed and it appears that I might be the only one not currently on the personalized jewelry bandwagon. Ok, ok, I'm not the jewelry master that some of my friends are, but am I really that out of the loop that I have not yet started purchasing personalized jewelry? After this weekend, I realize that, well, maybe I am.

For those of you who aren't aware of the "personalized jewelry" ED Hardy movement that seems to be sweeping the market, think of engravings on steroids. Personalized jewelry utilizes such features as engraved diamond and gold pendants added to necklaces and bracelets to make each piece unique. These pendants can feature anything from engraved names to diamond studded initials, to precious stone hearts. In all honesty, these are beautiful pieces and having a personalized piece of jewelry is something that would impress many women on a special occasion like Valentines Day.

Even though these "personalized" pieces are rather new on the market, they are becoming big business for jewelry companies. The internet is full of companies offering these personalized pendants and pieces. It is becoming such big business that they are becoming expected gifts by women for romantic milestones. My friend told me a rather, umm, ok, I found it sad, story about when she was opening gifts for Valentines Day. Her boyfriend surprised her with a homemade, romantic dinner. After some champagne and homemade cheesecake (wow, this guy is a keeper), the guy elaborately revealed a brand new diamond necklace. Now, my friend's reaction to this: "oh, it's not personalized"? She said that she didn't mean it in a bad way and she was just thinking out loud. Still, the guy was understandably a bit upset, and apparently she made it up to him, tiffany jewelry but this shows women are beginning to expect their jewelry to be personalized.

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