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Guide for Class to tank at AoEing in 2Moons

We know that the best form of tanking is when you KB the mobs constantly so they don't even hit you. A mage can three skill any mob she needs to train on up through Aquarius. And even in the 130 map, no other class can solo more efficiently than a mage. We have huge 2moons gold in our stock now.

Mages can get alot of dmg and their aoes are pve suitable. We can allmost kill evrey mob with 3 skills while casting thos 3 skills. We dont get hit and once thos 3 skills is over we just use random aoe to finish the mobs off leaving us getting hit 3 times in 2Moons.

Andl you can get 2.8k deff so when you get hit is just 50-600 depend on where you farm 50. Aqua, maze and ghosts 600=top left of space where broken slats drop. All mages Ieve been are heal build. By the way do to lack of level(s) to train, but higher levels(2moons powerleveling) there awsome.

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