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An Evening Excursion.

I enjoy my own company
I stand outside in the dark
I eat a variety of different foods

I quite like carrots and peas
I stand at the end of your road
I am not fond of pets

I watch cats in the street
I stand outside your gate
I sit on a bench in the park

I like to feed the ducks
I stand outside your door
I like to visit shops in the morning

I read the daily telegraph
I stand outside your window
I tend to get crisps stuck in my teeth

I like ready salted flavour
I peer into your window
I am punctual with appointments

I do not like to be late
I breathe onto your window
I enjoy watching songs of praise

I like the antiques roadshow
I climb through your window
I quite like it when it's autumn

I like it when the leaves change colour
I stand over you while you sleep
I sometimes eat cake

I like coffee cake
I leer at you while you sleep
I sometimes drink lemonade

I also like cream soda
I creep closer to you in your room
I like to read the dictionary

I also like encyclopedias
I smother you as you struggle
I like pears soap

I like how it smells
I stand over you as you are still
I go to bed when I come home

I leave you alone sometimes
Sometimes I black out

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