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Five secrets of Oscar red carpet show: evening dress at no cost (5)

5. if you are not fashion enough, links londonyou can ask the help of stylist

Some people considered that, tiffany jewellery if you can be the most beautiful one the red carpet , then it can be equal to Oscar-winning actress, from this point, we can see walking on the red carpet is a great school of learning. But whether you have known yourself well and perfectly show your own equipment and become the focal point on the red carpet,which is not a necessary condition of attending the Oscars ceremony. Some actress of themselves are not pioneer fashion, but they can still shine on the red carpet, The reason is that they can hire up a group of stylish people , so they can avoid themselves doing embarrassing stories in their dress. tiffany and co

Wolailuosi said: “It’s strange that some actress sometimes does not know the dress’ way . For such stars, they will turn over the project to their stylists and designers. Sometimes, I really hope to do some crazy things, like let Lao Lafu wearing a ballet skirt for appearance, this kind of thing must be very interesting. ”

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