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Carefully counting actors’ Chinese style dress: Edison Chen, Andy Lau ,Jay Chou ,Huang Xiaoming(2)

Chinese music singer Jay Chou’s most appealing fashion is making the fashion clothes’ mix match to use in the song of the classic hip-hop lyrics with unclear articulation, both conquering the worshiper of foreign things in the New Youth, but also doubling the favor from the old pedant.  tiffany

However, in real life, we can see that Jay if not Hip-hop, then will wear the wave of brand style, tight little Dior Homme suit, the Chinese wind simply did the do not touch him, but on stage he act in a way to wear shirts embroidered and dancing, the effect can be imagined. Evening dresses

China Wind, this tradition but profound cultural background clothing, the temperament and sense of identity is required before they can wear openly, and people like Jay can only on the stage to create Chinese-style atmosphere, in order to really put on well, first should return home to Read a few times of “three hundred tang peoms” prom dresses

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