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You Are Mine

You are 1000 wasted office hours when the server crashes
You are the dull headache from staring into a monitor in a darkened room
You sap the joy out of life just by lighting up peoples eyes
You are mine

You are the frustration involved in a complicated piece of software engineering
You are the coffee spilt into the cracks in the keyboard, causing the function of the keyboard to be nullified
You are the mouse wheel that no longer scrolls in only one direction
You are mine

You are the stress created from missing a deadline by a mere few seconds
You are the internet disconnection that happens with just 10 megabytes of a 3 gigabyte upload left
You are the tickets that sell out because your internet connection is not as good as somebody elses
You are mine

You are the broken fuse box during one of the busiest business days of the year
You are the headphones that only work through one side of the headset
You are the dead pixel in the middle of a computer monitor
You are mine

You are the error message on the only cash machine for miles
You are the only flight pending on a departures board
You are the skin and sweat trapped under the the button of a video games console controller causing it to cease function
You are mine

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