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love quotes and a poem

walking away isnt wat causes the pain.
its knowin wat your walking away from.

wen my kids ask me who was my first love
i dont want to have to open a photo album.
i want to able to point across the table and say
he's right there.

i didnt know how much my life has changed since you
was in it until you left :(

-when we met i never dreamed how much my life would change. how much your love could touch every part of my life.
i didnt relize wat i had been missin. i never imagined the feelings i felt that you given me. feelings i never knew existed. you helped me see a whole new world.. of love. life. possibilities. wen you came to my life my soulf was filled. i never relized how empty it was before you. my heart found the sweetest love i ever could have wished for. bur reality took its courseĀ  and ripped us apart. even with 3 kids to tie us for lfe.. i still find myself missing you..missing you hurts the most wen your always next to me. from the moment i wake up. to the second i lay you miss me 2 even tho we're under the same roof?


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