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Summoner Guide of 2Moons

Dear players, glad to see you in our site. I have collect this guide from other website, it is mainly describes 2Moons, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

You will start to notice that you lose confidence in PvPs because of summoner's awful rate of losing it. After using required stats, put EVERYTHING in Heal, do NOT put any in dex, dex sucks. If you think heal build is too boring, put a little strenght in early levels like in Heinharp levels.

We recommend the Tarantula because it is pretty strong and does some decent damage.Go with libido at first till levels 60s because they have nice defense so that they live longer and also they have nice attack speed and effect.

Level 1-7 stay in the castle catching little bugs and the alligator looking things. Level(2moons gold) 8-15 stay in north morte/ares. Level 15- 24 Stay in denebe.Level 25-34 I highly recommend on Heinharp, it is the easiest place and the most efficient. From levles 25-28 or so, I recommend going on parties or getting plvled. Plvl is pretty easy there, what you do is, see if a higher level dude is around, by that I mean like levels 60+. Tell them to invite you to party, if so, follow them and they do the killing and the rest.

34-45 Go to Nunvice: It is EXTREMELY high exp. It is located in requires beach.You get there by going to denebe and look the map. 45-55 Go to Norak/Castor 2nd floor. It is the most boring stage of the game. You will have to walk a lot till level 50, when you get to 50 you can transport there.

55-60 Go to Crespo: Awesome EXP and fun contrary to the boring caves you faced for a couple of levels earlier.From Level 60, you will pretty much get the game. Train in the Instant dungeon in Crespo in parties. It's hard for summoners to get a party there because they like to exclude us. Don't worry! Either get a friend or guild to go with and you'll be fine. But remember it costs 300k to enter. Be ready to do the best.

If you are asking for either staff or twin sword, we would suggest the twin because later on, sword cosmos are stronger than staff and also you have a higher change of winning pvps and PKs.If you want to be staff though, it is not bad either. Just watch you health because since staff eats a lot of Spirit into the stats, your health might be low.

Thanks for reading. By the way our 2moons powerleveling service is best choice if you dont have enough time to level up your character. Have a nice day!


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