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Theory behind the Build in 2moons (part two)

Dear friends, nice to see you, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you! And we have collected the 2moons information on the other site.

At around level(2moons gold) 60, hunters hit a sort of wall. Your massive AOE’s and their high damage no longer guarantee you victory in PVP or PK. Other classes are getting better skills, better gear, and higher defense and HP. Your AOE’s are not getting much stronger. Rolling Attack and Silent Killer are maxed.

Deadspin is the only dagger AOE that is still levelling. All the advantages you enjoyed from 32-60 are starting to fall by the wayside. By the time you hit 65, other classes will be competing in PVP and PK. You should still be winning most of your fights, but it will be much more difficult. Enemies won’t die quite so quickly and they start hitting you more often and much harder.

By about 70, you will probably be wondering what are you doing wrong because you can’t win most of your pvp fights anymore. Stick at it, once you reach level(2moons powerleveling) 74 you get really competitive again. At level 82, you will regain your status as the undisputed queen of PvP until 90 when Bagis get really good.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my half legged guide to the 2moons. It will likely go through a lot of changes in the future. You can still pay attention on it from our site.

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