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  • yeah, letting someone go sometimes means you really love that person..but luckily,we still found ourselves with each other again..
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      I Should Say Goodbye

      (Our love story began years ago. A story of two people destined to be with each other but should first part ways. I thought that I could never have her back so I came up with this poem showing how much pain it caused me the moment she went away. -- But it turned out that I will not be reading this poem anymore..)

      I never should have known her
      And told her that I care
      Now I have to say goodbye
      Though her eyes keep on asking why

      It's hard for me to let her go
      'Cause deep inside my heart I know
      I loved her from the moment she came
      But I have to choose between them

      I can sing all the sweetest songs to her
      Say whenever she's down I will be there
      Tell her she's the one, the love of my life
      But I must not so I should say goodbye

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