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When it comes to dressing and styling up

When it comes to dressing and styling up, many women wear clothes and jewelry that reflects the moods they feel. For some, it is easy to see if they are feeling happy or feeling down depending to the colors of their getup. They are called color mood dressers.

But there are also some people who do this color mood styling thing in reverse. They are the second type of color mood dressers: they dress in such a way that their clothes and jewelry will affect their emotions instead of their moods dictating what clothes or jewelry they will be wearing.

Colors play a huge part in this mood styling process tiffany jewellery. The power of colors in the human psyche has been universally accepted for quite sometime. The effects that color produce to people can be explained to be due to their natural and psychological (cultural) symbolism. Though color symbology can mean differently to every individual, natural and psychological associations of colors help us understand why some shades and hues have a strong effect to our moods.

Natural symbolism of colors are universal and timeless wedding dresses. In this association, when people see a color, they relate it immediately to things that are found in nature. Blue is the color of water and sky while red is the color of fire and blood.

While in psychological symbolism, the association is highly varied. The meaning of a color can be different to each individual depending to what that color usually signifies in the culture he or she was brought up from. Green, for example, can signify money, growth, seasickness or it can also mean St. Patrick's Day!

Mood dressers that use the vibrant colors of jewelry are unique individuals because they do not usually follow the latest trend when in terms of shades and hues. They wear jewelry when the circumstances dictate. For example, if a mood dresser needs to take the attention of other people, she may wear a stainless steel necklace with a pendant that has a fiery shade of red or a pair of steel earrings with a hue of energizing orange. If she needs to have a calm persona, then a mood dresser might wear a stainless steel bracelet that has a soft shade of blue or a steel cocktail ring in mild pink resin core.

Stainless steel jewelry provides ED Hardy a wide variety of accessories that is perfect for any colors mood dresser. The flexibility of stainless steel jewelry gives it the freedom to be incorporated into many designs and colors. It is interesting to know that mood dressing can also affect not just the individual wearing the color jewelry but also that people around her. This is very effective when colored stainless steel jewelry comes into play because accessories are given to be effective attention getters.

There will no bad hair day or lazy morning because if you need a burst of energy or create a calm atmosphere, you can always try jewelry color mood styling.

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