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A modern consumer society

The third characteristic is the regionalization. First-tier cities because of city size large, economically powerful and open a higher degree of fashion consumption level is generally higher than second-tier cities,Shanghai, and Beijing is the highest index of fashionable city. evening dresses In addition, some have a strong atmosphere of the city is no less stylish, such as Chengdu, such second-tier cities also have a high degree of passion for fashion. prom dresses Two other important feature of the entertainment and brand-oriented, which is the fashion industry and fashion are closely related to product attributes.October 10, 2009, in the “First cross-strait three academic research institutions, colleges and universities Public Relations Annual Conference” on Wendy issued “fashion spread” research report, has attracted wide attention.Experts believe that: a modern consumer society is no longer a matter of consumption, but rather material symbolic brand fashion consumption. pandora jewellery

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