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Bride wedding photographs of the three options in winter

Winter came, and the north bride chose this time to get married, their wedding photographs is a big challenge through! ~ Cold weather prevented us from making a beautiful location opportunities, how should we do? Do not worry, today I will give you about three kinds of winter wedding photographs a good choice to see what Formal Gowns you are suitable.
A tropical style wedding studio, touching not “freeze” people.
Paiwai Jing has a lot of studio base, and to solve the winter can not be Paiwai Jing JMS troubles. Especially popular around the world, sea theme style wedding photography, so you can feel the warm studio where the warmth of the romantic atmosphere
~ delicate flowers, green tropical plants, unique bamboo bridge, unimpeded running evening dress water, give you your romantic dream wedding.
2, the South honeymoon wedding.
Best of both worlds. Travel is now married to young people, especially our 80 after a new choice. For the winter wedding photographs worry you can also choose to travel marry. This time, Sanya, Hainan is a good choice Oh, there is no less hot in summer, and shooting light was enough to make the perfect combination of Haitian people, yet why do not you please take advantage of marriage in the United States and the United States at this time to travel some then?
Snow wedding, romantic limit.
If you want to challenge on a cold day outside the limits of their wedding photographs, but also a good oh ~ in particular, to the romantic Harbin, took advantage of the snow and filled the [url=]evening dresses[/url] crystal’s Ice Lantern, a symbol of your love is more pure and holy. Fur shawl wedding with the bride can create the effect of gorgeous grace. But the new people to pay attention, and making snow to keep warm oh ~ in particular, just indoors to outdoors, in addition to clothing, must be added, the can not be a long time staring at the snow to see ah, or the eyes may be prepared to accept.

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