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Eversince I was a kid
There's one thing in my mind,
  to help my family and
to finish my studies 

But when the days has past
everything has changed
All my ambition in life
was vanished
because of the hardship
that we have encounter
And I know that its not easy to pursue
The ambition in life
that it will never become true.

When one of my family got worked
 It help us a lot
She give us some support and advice
Don't loss hope and have faith in life
Holding each other is the only thing
 to face all the problem
We can do everything.
If we hold on together
There's nothing impossible
we can achieve our goal.

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  • perseverance and courage is one of the weapon in this life.Nothing impossible if you want something go for it.And of course! with God's blessings everything will be possible.
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