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He said he was sorry,
but that didnt change
the way he put his hand to my face
he said he was sorry
the second time was worse
now everytime i see him i feel like im cursed
broken inside i cant deny
this pain and torture
i can no longer hide
the days are hard
the nights even harder
never knew i would fall for a stalker
he stalks me in my sleep
the cuts he leaves in my heart are way to deep
deep enough to kill me slowly
i steady stay with him looking like a dummy
but love can make you feel like your hungry
hungry enough to turn into greedy
and greedy enough yo turn into thirsty
he tells me he is sorry then he bought me flowers
im letting him think he holds all the power
he tells me he loves me but i know the truth
the truth is bubbling under every single bruise
he tells me he's sorry
then he put his hand on my throat
he squeezes my neck tightly until i began to choke
i pull out my knife and stab him in his ear
all because i was in so much fear
im tired of crying
and as the blood drips slowly i tell him im sorry

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