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A message of love

When you love someone,you have this craving desire for one special person night and day.Wanting to be with him in sickness and in health.Even able to envisualize him when he is old and grey,knowing the feeling ,the burning love you have will never fade.

       Even in rainy days,your feelings seems so bright and cheerful.You wanted to share everything with him.Happiness,sorrow or pain.Your face shows radiance when you are just think of him.You can't help but smile when he looked at you.Everything is wonderful when you're truly inlove.

     There are some tough and rough roads along the way but love is more than stronger than any obstacle and hindrances of a relationships.What's ahead and behind you and your beloved is just tiny matters compared to what lies inside between the two of you.

     Falling in love at the right place and time is just perfect as well as loving the right one.When you love there's no limit,you have spare time anytime for the one you love.You are ready to listen and understand.You always have patience and care.There's no perfect love but there's only one true love.

    Loving someone is never been a mistake.Better to love and lost than no love at all.Don't let the night meets the day with heartache and pain.Open your heart to your dearest one.Don't let pride enter in yur whole being, because when pride is in bloom there is no room for love.

    Let love guide you through the dark hours.Love is always shining like a guiding star if you let yourself in into the magic of loving.When love conquers a person's heart.Life is worth living for, everything has meaning,everything is colourful as the rainbows.

   Love makes the world go round.Fame and glitters are nothing when your life is empty and ignorant about love.When love prevails,everything shines.When there is Love,you have peace of eternity.

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