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Sometimes I felt weak and alone,wanting to reach out for you but you are too far from me.
Sometimes I am so desperate trying to get some comfort from you but you are not there.
Sometimes I felt like giving up,trying to be strong for us.
Sometimes I felt beaten for the things around me.
Sometimes I just need you so bad,both emotionally and physically.
Sometimes I wanted to cry but theres no tears anymore to shed.
Sometimes I am sleeping but only my eyes close because my mind is wandering where you are.
Sometimes I felt everything and everyone are against us.
Sometimes I felt fate is just tricking us.
Sometimes I just felt numb for all the misery I have.
Sometimes I just felt useless and frustrated when things are out of control.
sometimes I felt angry for loving you so much.
Sometimes I felt sad thinking about you.
Sometimes I can't help but feeling blue when I am missing you so.
Sometimes I wish life is easy for you to go on.
Sometimes I wish I am stronger than you think.
Sometimes I do want to believe that there is a paradise awaits for us.
Sometimes I need to be vulnerable.
Sometimes I just need you to hug me,talk to me and just love me.
Sometimes I just need your smile to brighten my day.
Sometimes I hate you for being so far from me.
Sometimes I believe that money matters after all.
Sometimes I just wanted to be a little girl again.
Sometimes its nice just to be you and just go along around you.
Sometimes you have to believe in yourself.

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