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Any Last words?

"Any last words?"
He got a sharp pain in his chest as he thought about this question
He looked back at his twisted life..He thought about the many foster homes he went in and out of..
A wave of happiness came over him as he remembered how he felt when he first saw his dad..
That happiness was soon lost in anger and sorrow.. The excuses he used to tell his teachers,
When they saw the bruises,Played over in his head like a played out song..He shook his head
trying to get the thoughts out of his head..The next thing that popped into his head was a picture
of her.. He was in love with this one girl.. They were together for two years and she said she loved him to..
Then one day she just up and left.. Never said why..Never even said goodbye..He found out from her
best friend.This is when the slitting of the wrists came..

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.. "Well,Any last words?" said the person who interuppted his thoughts..
He wanted more than anything to beg for mercy.But when he tried only three words came out..They were
Pull the trigger...

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