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The feelingsz

So i dnt really kno what to say to yew anymore..
i mean i love yew nd i kno yew dnt believe me but itsz true..
So yew moved nd idk how yew feel about me so im nervous about telling yew..

I dnt wanna live without yew nd while yew were here yea i pushed my feelingsz to the side..
But now that yewr gone itsz lyke i miss yew so much...
Really im tired of arguing evrytyme we talk.. if we have to be a way from eachother cnt we jusz get along..Babe i dnt lyke being away from yew for so long yet alone not talking 2 yew...
I really wanna kno if yew really do care cusz it doesnt seem lyke it yew alwaysz say babii i love yew
but yew nevr prove it 2 me.. I cnt keep doing thisz...

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