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  • ..its really hard to fall for a friend. You don't know where to stand...either to become his friend for life or wish that one can call him friend cum partner..


    You enter the room
    I can't help but smile
    And in your presence
    I am happy for a while
    But then you leave
    And that happiness fades
    And through confusion
    My mind wades
    You say that you love me
    But is it as a friend?
    Or something more?
    This torture must end
    But I'm afraid you'll say no
    And then I'll lose you
    Indecision is killing me
    I just don't know what to do
    Sitting on my bed at home
    Teardrops fall into my hand
    I want you to be with me
    But I don't know where I stand
    You walk casually by
    You stand so tall
    Though you haven't noticed
    With your words I can fall

    I love you

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