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It was dark with shadow of moonlight
Just the two of us standing in the night
Doesn't care if people see us together
What matter is we have each other

You hold my hand to dance
With your strong arms giving me an assurance
That nobody can take me away from you
Only me and you with our love so true

As we move our feet to the rhythm of music
Follows our heartbeat on its highest peak
You bow your head and looks at my lips
Without saying anything you sealed it with a kiss

How I wish the whole night never end
Let our love continuous to flown in the wind
At the center of the dark with the union of two heart
We promise forever we will never fall apart

We exchange our vows when the light turns on
Before I realize I start open my eyes soon
I blink for a while and look at my surroundings
I was alone in my room and everything was just a dream....



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