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The Poem I Left For You

I wrote a poem for you
I wrote it in your native tongue
to make it more special too
I thought the words and read it through
and placed it here for you to view
I wanted you to know that I still care for you
and that the feeling is true
Seemed the only thing I could do

But you've gone away
You never came
And it hurts inside just the same
Of love I feel the beauty
And also feel the pain
of something wonderful dreamed
and imagined sweet
that feels to be in vain

Darling if you only knew
All the quiet moments I have fought
the feeing for you inside
I have a feeling your heart would understand
and open back up wide
It hurts so much to wander in circles
and to come back to your side
Wishing love didn't run and hide

The spark of love so tender and pure
didn't leave; it only grew
Each time my heart cried out
It cried out seeking you
And I told myself before I quit on love
I'd try to somehow see it through
and so I put it in a poem
and left it here for you to view

If chance should have it that I leave
And you should have a change of heart
seek me out, try to find me, do your part
Because I'm likely bound for nothingness
As I try to make a new start
And of my dreams of love
I've already given, and did so from the start
The moment you softness filled my missing part

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