Life has humbled me many times
My simple dreams seek beyond the lines
And know not limits to desire
That burn inside my gentle fire

When one is pushed so low
Forced to examine what they know
They learn how to let go
Or hold on tighter to what they hope will show

From the dark basement of dispair
I dream of us somewhere
Where love is our constant care
Our beauty; the tenderness we share

In a moment unexplained
When life was lonely and pained
I found a spark of love, not feigned
And despite silence it remained

And though I fought it
And told myself I must let go
My love for you from your softness
Did, despite me, grow

Now "love" is just a word
We seek to explain
In words of longing and pain
A feeling that cannot be ignored

I realize by and by
I cannot say to you goodbye
You're in my heart so deep
Without you I slowly die

Love was not my choosing
I know so well about losing
It's care for you that made me try
For you, risk heartbreak and tears I cry

All along I ask....why
Why feel for you this way
But no answers come
But feelings somehow stay

In a life that has known a share of sadness
I found in your company, a sense of gladness
Your serene softness born struggle and pain
Touched my own heart, abandoned in the rain

I love you
Sight unseen
To me you're deep and pure and clean
I long to walk with you in fields of green

Where two friends can mend their pain with kisses
Where sadness falls away with soft caress
Where you dance looking so beautiful in your airy dress
And your hair flows like rainbows of joy and happiness

I watch you and smile
As tears of gladness fall from my eyes
For all the unspoken trials and tries
To find love in you, to feel love realized

No matter what life has in store
No matter which way it's headed to go
I love you always
I just want you to know

I pray that God is kind to you
and safely he guards you with grace
But I pray also for a dream I keep
As the hope of love I cannot erase

Though I dream of love foever
Fate may decide for me; never
But if you love me in your heart
Please reach out to me lest we part

Becasue I'm fearful we will never know
The beauty of love we meant to show
Though the world seems to say Never
Two together might realize the dream of Forever

Just know the spark of love
still grows bright
For your love I still hold tight
Think of you each day and night

I'm not able to part
While dreams you are still in my heart


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  • Now "love" is just a word I seek to explain In words of longing and pain A feeling that cannot be ignored..... love this.. i think this quote hit me..