I Can't Seem To Forget You

Caring can come out of nowhere
Caring can come in a flash
It might not come at all
But if so, grab on and hold fast

Love is an emotion
So tender if it's felt in the heart
We don't understand it
Just try to do our part

But it means so little if not shared
This most fragile emotion 
that sets our hearts into motion
and causes such longing and comotion

But I feel it for you
Somehow I still do
Though strangers we might be
Whenever I think of you

And the way that you touched me 
out of the blue
as the storm was passing through
Now can't forget you, no matter what I do

But here is to friendship
And feelings fragile and uncertain
till one day we might touch gently
behind life's facade and taboo curtain

I know only this much
I felt the softest touch
now long for the unknown
and miss you so much

All of life is just built on chance
and if chance should meet again with happier fate
I'll hope to stay in this same emotional stance
and ask most softly..."may I have this dance?"

While life and broken dreams pass quickly by
I've fallen down from the momentary high
But when I think of you I still cast dreams in the sky
You're in my heart and so I can't say goodbye

Though my heart was long too broken to continue this fight
I think about you day and night
Include you in my prayers when I turn out the light
And wish in my heart for you, happiness bright

What's felt in the heart
the longing hurts sometime
For me it feels a long time with no reason or rhyme
But I hold close the wish, that you were mine.


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  • Life is full of irony. I wrote this for someone who will likely never read it or feel it and yet it is my very friends who like what I wrote. (I have trouble letting go of my hopeful thoughts of her). But I realize I am very blessed to meet such kind hearts and wonderful poeple and I can promise you that now I see I could easily have written this for each. I carry your touch in my heart. It's a changed heart that no longer sees just the coldness of the world. I can say it has felt the touch of angels. Thanks Bing, Kelly and Gloria....the world is a better place becaue of you and I can say my world became much brighter because of you. That will remain true wherever I go because this heart does not forget the ones who have touched it with kindness. So I must change this poem and dedicate it to my wonderful friends, who without....I would be lost. No love should be discounted.
        • hey chulo hi....nice
          • I like this one.. MAy I .......All of life is just built on chance and if chance should meet again with happier fate I'll hope to stay in this same emotional stance and ask most softly..."may I have this dance?"