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A Dream of False Hope

I met you one afternoon
You walked into my life
Not too late or too soon
But at the right time
I lost the girl I once fell for
And ever since I thought my heart couldn’t love anymore
Until you open up my heart
You made me smile
And I haven’t done that in a while
You brought out the best in me
Something very few girls could do
And when we parted ways my heart told me I was in love with you
As days went by I couldn’t stop thinking about that one afternoon
I try contacting you
But had no luck
Then I found out you had a boyfriend
In disbelief all I could say was fuck!
Weeks past by and I eventually gave up
I put away the picture I took with you
Cause deep down inside I knew
That I’d never be with you
And it brought me to the brink of tears cause it was true
I should have never dreamed or hope that we could be together
Cause in the end it was just a dream of false hope…

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  • awwwhhh this is really cute. really touching.
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