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"What Happened"

I couldn’t tell you where it began

And I don’t know how it end.

A friendship endured that was

Failed and misunderstood.

As time went on I thought of

My faults, and still can’t find a

Clue of how a relationship of

Sisterhood fell apart.


You know when I write, it comes

From my heart;

You been on my mind when I go

Out and do things we usta;

It don’t add up.

At times I pick up the phone

And dial your number, I hang up

Because what friendship we did

Have, stumbled.


I can’t get the fact of how the day

Came, we didn’t talk, and it really

Didn’t feel the same.

Question asked: What happened?

I really wanna know. It’s like I

Knocked and knocked and there 

Was no answer at the door.


You know I would’ve done anything

For you, no one could’ve took the

Initiation we had.

You weren’t my friend, I considered 

You as a sister, more like blood.


Now lies, deceit, and hurt is in the passage

Between us, cause of the thoughts and words

Of others lie in the middle of us.

It may sound funny, but I wouldn’t waste my 

Time thinking and ponderin’ of the question:

“Where happened to our friendship…”

Think about it, cause it’s not the fact of “I don’t

Like you”, cause that’s not true….

But if you don’t care, leave it behind.

If you do, take time to figure out, and let me know;

What happened to a friendship once endured but
Was failed and misunderstood....

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