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Dreams like these

Soft light
bared her reflection
moving slight
almost without detection
poetry in her flowing form.

Tight white
upon the Truth of her Beauty
bending light
and Majestic
ample sight
and I am breathless.

Silent waves pulse between.
My blue eyes fall
upon your emerald green
and words fall short
the Majesty of this moment.

Full of knowing
knowing nothing
Heaving heavy
Wanting more
Love so pure
I have never known
I have always known

Tirades as this eternal tales
etched indelible in every cell
of all the mistakes I ever made
This bodes well.
I feel your empty space fade away
every day and in this
I have known Hell.

But Love like the road
is long and though my dishonor
has prevailed this time
I bid you a fond farewell my Love
I am at your liege,
Until we shall meet again.

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