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The love creed

Twirling thoughts in my mind,
So many smiles I want to share,
With you - am I too far behind?
My heart continues to care,

I want to be there for you,
Each moment could be a chance,
Taken deep - Do you love me too?
Lost inside our true romance,

I hear your heart beating for me,
A warm sensation I can't control,
Mine, a softer beat - can you see?
When you're here I feel whole,

Whisper, say, scream for this,
As my insides ignite and burn,
I'm dying - Please, one more kiss?
So patient as I await your return,

Astray, my vision is of the past,
Our memories bring a tear to my eye,
How long will this sensation last?
So in love - even when I cry,

Anything, everything, I'm in need,
Your soft voice, kiss, smile...
This poem will be my new creed,
Our love is becoming so versatile...

Pouring my soul into this last part,
I know we're both so lonely,
So be careful holding my heart,
I wish to be your one and only...
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