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  • it's sad.... but i totally understand.... if you're that friend everyone turns to... the one everyone hopes will answer their problems. if you're the one who tries to do everything when your mind is screaming that you cant do it anymore... than i know exactly how you feel... because I am that friend... and then i have no one to talk to about ME... up until you. =] haha. thanks. if you ever need someone?... im here. =] REALLY i am.
    • your intelligent your expressive your not perfect and no one is.... your a man and there are not many left... your a sweet person and might not even know it..
      • i totaly know what you're going through. you'll be okay, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :P cheesey i know.
        • hey you have all these females drying your eyes why so blue?...ha..ha
        • That's so sad. Keep on doing the right thing and I also totally understand.

          Who am I?


          Who exactly am I to you?

          Do you see me for what is true?


          Three of me I can truly be,

          But one at a time is all you’ll see.

          The Wise, The Fighter, The Depressed,

          All rest, within my chest.


          The Wise is the one I favor most.

          Wise enough, but will not boast,

          Always doing what it can,

          To try and help its fellow man.


          The Fighters the one I need in me,

          Showing me how to stay free,

          From those who hurt me most often,

          It tries to put them in a coffin.


          The depressed is the one that comes out the less,

          He stays here inside my chest,

          When I feel Im about to cry,

          He makes me curl up, and want, to die.


          People always say, “oh you’re a great guy”

          I wish you could see what was truly inside.

          I can but begin to show,

          What it is, you wish not to know.

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