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  • hah those red wings, huh? rediculous that im in class with a redwings fan huh? LMAO!
    • lol just a tad bit, you ever actually watched hockey? its awesome... ufc on skates....
      • obviously ive watched hockey! =] I went last month with my church, member? After Zach died we all went with the youth group. LOL. =] it was fun. cant remember who we saw tho?... hmm. LOL. so bored. kinda tired. and not doing anything for two weeks. what about you? whats your LIFE PLANS home slice? =] im prolly the hugest wangster everrr. hahah ^_^... om... i have to tell you something MUY importante. later. sometime. i dont know when. when i see you prolly. idk. LOL. anywaysss. aunt jackie said to tell you she didnt blcok you to be mean, she did it because she was worried about me... and she wanted me to feel more comfortable talking ot her on there... idk?
        • i didnt think jackie did it to be mean, i dont think she has much of a mean bone in her body, i thought she hated me..... why arent you doing anything for two weeks nikki? what did you do? well hey seeing you might be a while, cant cause of the rents, so probably that would be when i get out of here... so you should just email me k? my life plans.... um try and graduate.... prom, try and get a job.... um hectic, crazy working my butt off.....
        • grounding. haha ^_^ as usual. and anyways, ahh fun fun. =] i know itll be a while. when you graduate run away. ill have the partyyy, you just have to scoot on over. haha JK. just ill see you soon, promise, k? somehow. even if i have to walk to Union City while you're at josh's
          • ok but what did you do to get grounded? and you would walk to uc for me? your insane, not worth it hun.... if anything i could come there, or the library or something... idk
          • I didn't get grounded for long. i hit misty. thats all. and i can walk to antarctica if i wanted to. so hush!!! =P I love you. =]

            Keep them secret-- keep them safe? LOL!!!

            My memory pushed away--
            not much left to say.
            Except I don't feel, I don't want, I don't CARE.
            Leaving me begging for air...
            Slowing dying.
            Aching and crying.
            What do you want from me?
            What do you want me to say?!
            I'm a big girl. I'll be okay?
            I'll wake up tomorrow, even if i don't want to.
            I'll smile even though it won't be TRUE.
            I'll make it another day...
            Is that what you want me to say?

            Memories burned in my heart..
            They're ripping me apart!
            Stop it, take them away!
            I don't want to breathe another day!...
            You look so sad sitting there, writing a letter..
            hoping it will make me feel better.
            I'm fine, all i wanted was for you to love.
            To thank God above.
            Believe it or not i got all i asked for--
            That and so much more.

            I keep every memory, locked away in my heart.
            As they slowly, and silently rip me apart.

            Well one more word as i end this letter.
            Don't worry. One day I'll be better.
            I'll wake up tomorrow, even if i don't want to.
            I'll smile tomorrow, even if it's not TRUE.
            And I'll be okay.
            That i can honestly say.

            I promise to keep these memories locked in my heart--
            even as they slowly rip me apart.

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