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  • i like ur choice of words here ........very good,,,,ds
    • here is so warm the weather lovely and i would like not write about my dreams here because the reason biger from what u think a princess not right so u will get level is limit to knew ur feelings and u r point at my sea so nothing can be melt and nothing come but the time change the life and weather be they and but my point was not in this meaning so what i mean i wrote about fantasy place and feelings so u will stop because u not is special mermaid but the eyes sometime cheat and ur eyes is not like ur heart .! i dont have comment about simple person bye
      • nice dreams


        Do not let your dreams fade away;
        Like the footprints on a beach.
        There only for a short amount of time each,
        Just to be washed away by the ocean's waves.

        Do not let your dreams wear away;
        To be worn away like the rock walls in a cave.
        Water rushing through the tunnels with time,
        Making the cave's walls give way.

        Do not let your dreams melt away;
        Like ice cream on a hot summer day.
        Instead freeze them in your mind,
        Where they will always stay.

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