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Mystery Woman


You're going to meet me at Rudees
I have a notion that we'll meet true
For dinner, just me and you
We owe it to each other..we do
For our hearts need to know
Lest they'll always wonder and be blue
If you feel meant for me
and if I feel meant to you

We'll meet as friends
that's the thing to do
you know much about me by now
and I care, no matter what you tell me about you
and before we turn away
and say that we were not meant to be
I think we need to see it through
to know if there is a spark of love
between me and you



Me I know I've never felt this way before
and I'm pretty certain I'll never feel love more
because every time I try to turn the other way
Something powerful inside compels me to stay
You're the most special feeling that ever came my way
So I want to give you of my life, at least a day
Meet me at Rudy's on a late spring night
We'll talk and hold hands and I promise to treat you right
Just two people who for that night let go of all that isn't right
let go of the sadness and the pain and give up the fight
and talk and share throughout the night

And if it seems right we'll walk hand in hand
and look out at the stars and silently wish
upon their sparkling light for the strength to follow our hearts
and to dream about what's possible or not
or what's wrong or right
So meet me at Rudees unless you know another place
where we can quietly converse as gaze at your face
And when we kiss goodnight we won't say a thing about goodbye
because if we should part, I hope not to cry
You're precious to me in your own quiet way
much more precious than words could ever say.

And I'd like to think if you send me off on my way
that we might meet again someday
and if everything works out and our hearts realize
I wish to remember your eyes
and the softness and scent of your skin
and the smile you smile when you say my name: Jim
I wish for only the chance to let you in
as my time grows shorter and my chances grow thin
I didn't plan to feel this way for a woman I can't hope to win

So I'll send you a notice and a time and a date
and at a table at Rudees, someday, I hope this Spring late
I'll sit and sip a drink and hope you don't make me wait
for my beautiful friend and date
Holding your hand in mine as we exchange and relate
and put hope in destiny and fate
because this one life we have
and so long have our weary hearts been forced to wait
At Rudees, by the water, at a table for two, for you.. I'll wait


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