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Ain't that a shame?

I came out of a daze,
In the midst of this haze,
What's happening?

Everyone's confused,
I feel so abused,
Now ain't that a shame?

I run across fields,
running without a yield,
And hear my men fall

As I looked at my friend,
I saw his life end,
So I stood by his corpse

I drew up my gun,
I thought this would be fun,
until I was shot

I fell to the ground,
lost all sense of sound,
This is my end

To all who will serve,
This you don't deserve,
Thank God for my men.

I was raised off the ground,
for myself they had found,
I will go on.

That day we had lost,
All that we had to gain,
Another damn shame.

Never again
will I lose a friend,
Thank god for my life.

(Dylan Robison)

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