confused but still hoping

i'ts been quite a while since i knew whats on your mind
do i?
i don't know if i'm going to believe my self
but because i love you..i'll try...

i can't understand you this past few days
neither understand my self thou
i know i like you that much
but it seems the feeling is not mutual...

you've just said "i luv u"
then i replyd "i luv u2"
is this what you like to say?
or i'ts just what you want me to believe...

i wish this things will work out right
for u to change for better not for the worst
i want you back in my arms again
just because
i want u..but not who you've been lately

Comments (4)
  • Yes, compliments and "I love you 2's" don't mean much if you have to beg and fish for them. But I liked your title....Strange Brew is one of my all-time favorite blues songs by Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds. "strange brew...something inside of you...........(guitar riff)...." Thanks for making me remember that song....I'd forgotten about it.
    • dont lose hope!!!because hope is cigarette!!hehehe...welcome rotonda!!!!nakapagsign up agad ako...haha
    • buset ka talaga..oy names pls..ssshhh confedential (pabulong)