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  • He sounds like a good guy and a good friend. Its my honest opinon that good freinds make good lovers. You know, he's a sensitive type and your "Shut Up" reminded him of something else that hurt him and was not at all in what he hoped for in you. He thinks nicer things about you and has higer hopes for you. An apology for what you said should go something like this: Darling...I said Shut Up yesterday over the phone and I didn't mean anything bad by came out of habit and innocently. But I realized by your silence that I must have hurt you and for that I want you to know I'm truly sorry. I miss you and I never wish to hurt you. There are times you've been insensitive to me but I never said. You know, I love you very much and we need to be closer so we can become US instead of me and you. You should know by now how much I care about you. ---------or something like that. You're at the point where the relationship is poised to move either closer or further apart...but it sounds like closer is what you both want. Because he's been hurt before he needs a little tenderness and this stand off will hurt you both deeply if its left as it is. So the little comment was actually serious.
  • this really really touched me ;; my eyes were gettin watery cuz he is soo sweet. n i agree that girls arnt woman anymore after they cheat. but i think he still has love for you. i think you should talk things over. even if i dont take my own advice[n i should] i think you should. because if hes really someone you love you will go through thick and thin with that person and always love them the same no matter what happens. n if he doesnt trust you. you should help him learn how to gain your trust. i really hope i helped you.:)
    • because if you**** really someone---
      • lol, i think we should all take our own advice and advice of others. he has come to terms that i am not like anyone he has every met. so i in term thank you for both reading and commenting. =)

        Just getting a little fustration out...

        for the things that have been said and done within the past six months, has made things between us... stronger but also weak. Though suggestions have come up to leave him, i dont think i am strong enough to do it, or to even think of leaving him... yes he is the jealous type, and always assuming things, changes attitudes every time he is near his brother or other family and friends, but i dont judge him on his flaws i love him as he is and i would never ask him to change. in the begining it was hard to get him to trust me, considering his ex cheated on him and lied... yet i continue to tell him that i love him and only him, women dont cheat and for those that do then they are no longer a woman. im not saying anything that isnt true.. but anyway the best things about him is that he loves to read the poems that i send him,he was there for me when i lost my nephew.. calling me everyday for a few weeks just to see how i was doing, if i ate, things in that sort, he saves our texts so when he miss me he could go back and read it, as i do the same, he laughs at my stupid lil jokes even if it's not funny just to make me feel good, but the sad thig is that right now as i write this... we arent speaking, i am mad at him and i assume he feels the same. because last night he was at his brother house, we were talking on the phone and i told him to "shut up", to which i never meant. only once, then he hung up on me.. i didnt call him back, why should i call him back and say sorry for something that isnt serious!?

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