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There was a young girl who’s name is Isabella Jones, She was young and beautiful and her favorite thing was her family. They are her whole life. But one day on their way home from dinner there was a horrible accident…. Isabella was left with cuts and bruises, but her mother, father, and younger brother were trapped in the car. The emergency services were called but they got there too late. Isabella’s family passed away, she was left on her own no family, nor a lot of friends. She made the choice to run away because she did not want to be put into social services. There was no one around to look after Isabella. She was only 15 years old, which is not the legal age to become an adult, so she couldn’t be on her own. Isabella runs into the woods only 20 minutes from where the accident happened. She hoped no one would find her, She didn’t have any food nor water and she was soon to become ill. One day while she was setting alone she saw a boy from her school his name is Devon, Isabella has a big crush on him and as soon as she saw him jogging through the woods where she had been hiding. Isabella couldn’t hold back the tears. Devon heard someone crying so he went to look at see if he could find out where it is coming from. After a while of searching Devon finally found her. “Isabella” He shouted “where have you been your picture has been in the newspaper and all over the news everyone is looking for you!!”

She couldn’t believe what he was saying. She replied, “Yeah right who would be looking for me?? NO ONE cares!” So Devon took out his phone from his pocket and got on the news and showed her. The news read:

“We have had no news on missing Isabella Jones, but after being missing for 6 days the police are searching for her”

Isabella starts crying again and says “but…I cant go back they will take me” now yelling at Devon “I CAN’T I WON’T GO, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME” Devon put he’s arm around her “ it will be okay trust me, please just come with me.” Isabella finally gave in so Devon picked her up and carried her to his house and gave her food and water. Isabella pushed it away and said how can I eat when my parents and brother are …She wasn’t able to finish her sentence. Devon goes and sits by her “I know I know its ok. How about you eat and then we can go down to the police station so they can see for their self that you are okay. Isabella screams “NO I won’t go.” She ran to the door as she tried to undo the lock she figured Devon would lock it. Devon walks over to her I knew you would try and run that’s why I locked the door. Isabella screaming and crying lying on the floor “WHY ME!! What did my parents do wrong?? Devon sat on the floor beside her it was an accident, it wasn’t your fault! Now come on we have to call someone so they know you are okay.” Isabella got up still crying as she talks “okay but I can’t talk to them… can you please talk to them for me? And would you mind if I used your restroom?” Devon hugged her replying yes you may and I won’t mind talking to them for you. Isabella went up to the bathroom while there she was searching for the key to the window. She found the key and began to climb out but lost her grip and fell to Devon’s patio, which knocked her out and cracked her head open. Devon ran upstairs after waiting twenty-five minutes. The gets to the bathroom and starts hitting the door Isabella are you all right?? After no rely he kicks in the door and saw a note Isabella had left on the floor:

“Devon I am sorry you should never got involved. I lost my mom, dad and little brother. I know after I get over all of this I will lose you too. I just can’t let all this happen again. I love you but I know you don’t feel the same. I am sorry at least this way I can be with my family.

All my love

Isabella Jones”

           Devon couldn’t believe it as he looked up he noticed the window open he ran over as he looked down he saw Isabella laying on the patio in a pool of blood. Devon yelled “NO” he ran down to her and called 911 as he was confronting her till they came her held her hand and he talked to her. It felt like hours before they got there. When the ambulance got there Devon broke down. The paramedic asked Devon is he was okay. He replied “No I tired to help her I could have helped her then maybe just maybe this wouldn’t have happened.” The paramedic replied “look kid you did your best, she will be fine come with us your in shock.” 

            After 4 hours of waiting for the results the doctor came in and spoke to Devon. “I see that is Isabella Jones, I see that her on the news, she tired to commit suicide didn’t she?” Devon replied crying “yes and its all my fault” Doctors relied to Devon saying “ no its not don’t blame yourself”

Devon still crying told the doctor “I know but I never got the chance to tell her I love her and ask her to be my girlfriend.” The Doctor replied, “Good thing she’s all right now isn’t it. Now you can tell her how you feel. Stay with her please the police will be here soon and I think she could use some support.” Devon finally stopped crying and said, “yes thank you so much” as he walks into her room Isabella wakes up. Devon excited to see she is all right says “you had me worried” Isabella replies with a question “why did you save me? I wanted to be with my family!” Devon looking up shocked replied; “because I love you” Isabella tries to kiss him but can’t move because she’s so weak. Devon noticed her sudden movement and says, “don’t move and he kissed her” Isabella surprised said “thanks I was stupid. I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in this mess” Devon smiled and relied “I don’t mind as long as I have you and what I said is true I do love you. I spoke to the police for you its been arranged that you stay with me and my family permanently so don’t worry about being taken into care. I wont let them my mom will sort it out so they can’t” Isabella shocked and puzzled by everything he has said started to cry and asked him to promise her that she will never lose him. Devon replied, “of course not why would I want to lose my beautiful girlfriend” “girlfriend” Isabella replied “so I am like your girlfriend” smiling she said “I like that a lot”



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