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Fire Metaphor: "I am the fire"

The fire swirled up all around me, and I stared at the
blaze, the haze it created, and I felt like I was dreaming. The person on the
other side of the fire stared blank back at me, wide eyed and demanding. She
smiled when I did. We reached for each other. The fire scorched my hand and all
of a sudden I was on fire. It didn’t really burn, it just kind of tingled, and
I sweat. I danced around, completely on fire, smiling, drenched with water, now

I opened my
mouth and a big puff of smoke came out and I giggled. Everywhere I walked, a
trail of fire followed. It felt magical, so I touched everything. Then I looked
in a mirror and something inside of my snapped. I wasn’t the fire anymore, I
was the victim, and I was what was being touched. It consumed me, and for the
first second felt the sting, and then it was over.

ELaine TM

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