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In The Night 3

Perhaps I'll take a break? He thought to himself,
For with that last girl, something strange, he felt,
He decided to stop killing, but then he saw her,
Beauty like a goddess, and blood more pure,
He knew he had to have her, no matter what he'd have to pay,
"HER BLOOD IS WORTH ANYTHING!" His demon could not resist to say,
His demon was very impatient, "HURRY! GET EVERYTHING READY!",
He had no choice, though he felt his heart getting heavy,
He wondered, can I go through with it? Killing this angel?
"OF COURSE YOU CAN!" Screamed his demon, "AND MAKE IT PAINFUL!"
He gave in and took her to his home,
He saw tears fill her eyes as she whispered "Please, no.",
Made of the smoothest marble you'd ever seen,
"She's so perfect" he thought, as she began to scream,
"I can't!" he screamed, his demon shouted "DO IT!"
He held his knife tight with a white knuckled grip,
She looked into his eyes, hers full of tears,
He said to her "Please! Don’t give into your fear!"
He raised up his knife and cut the ropes in which she was bound,
She tried to get up but she was still chained all around,
Tears again welled in her eyes,
Afraid of what she saw in him, afraid she would die,
He saw the fear in her eyes and his demon roared,
His knife raised again, and he shouted "NO!"
"Don’t make me do this! I want to let her go!"
She tried to get away, but her effort was in vain,
Her fragile skin turned red beneath the cold chains,
As she struggled to break free, he saw something else in her eyes,
Not fear, but anger, he could see burning like fire,
His demon got mad, but that fire made it weak,
It tried to command him, but it could barely speak,
"WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?" It roared at him,
She said to him "Please let me go!"
"I wont tell anyone, nobody has to know!"
He looked into her eyes still carrying that flame,
He felt stronger than ever, and released her chains,
She got up, started running, then he got up off his knees,
She turned back when she heard him screaming "No! Please!"
He was no more than six inches away from her face,
When she glanced up and saw his knife raised,
The demon screamed "YES! THAT'S RIGHT! WE HAVE HER NOW!"
But he saw the fire in her eyes burn even brighter now,
The demon screamed "NO! DON'T LOOK INTO HER EYES!"
"KILL HER AND I'LL LET YOU GO!" but "No! Don't listen to his lies!"
"You don't have to hurt me, don't you see?"
"He's weaker than you, you can let me free!"
He could feel that fire warming his heart,
His demon screamed "NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE US APART!"
The man yelled "shut up! go to hell, get out of my head!"
He dropped the knife and fell down on the bed,
She looked at him, stunned, not anymore afraid,
She took his hand and began to pray,
He lay there unconscious, with the angel at his side,
Then he felt warm and cozy as he began to open his eyes,
Her eyes now filled not with anger or fear,
But care, for this man whose face was now covered in tears
"Please forgive me." he said over and over,
"I just couldn't hurt you!" he knew then that he loved her,
She looked in his eyes and saw the love there,
She said "let's go, this room, I cannot bare."
She took his hand and they went outside together,
He looked into her eyes and said "I want to be with you forever."
She told him she loved him, and everything will be okay,
That's when the police came, and took him away,
They took him to jail, and held a trial,
She wanted to help him, they just said she was in denial,
They had a special bond that nobody else could see,
All people saw was a murderer, hiding behind the weak,
She wanted to break him out, but he told her "no way!"
"I've put you in enough danger, just be strong and please wait."
She told him "I love you, nothing can ever take me away,"
"I'll wait for you, no matter what, however long it takes."
Sentenced to eternity imprisoned, for the horrors he had done,
No one had believed him, that the demon was the one,
He told her it will be okay, "we will see each other again."
If not in this life than in the next, they would be together again,
That very night he was killed, stuck by an inmates shiv,
His demon took him to its underworld, but his soul he would not give,
Burning and bleeding he screamed aloud, "my soul is only for her!",
He would not give up his soul to it, so hotter the fire burned,
Still he would not to release it, for his demons patience, this was a test,
So it let loose the vicious harpies, so they would tear apart his flesh,
He was screaming in agony, but still he refused his soul to let go,
He looked the demon in the eye and said "this kind of love, you will never know!"
The demon roared with hate and anger, then let loose more fire,
The man felt nothing anymore, for he saw his angel in his mind,
The demon brought out the enslaved souls of all the women that they slew,
They tore him to pieces again and again, he deserved this, that much he knew,
They did not want to hurt him but they where under the demons command,
He told them, "take your vengeance, please, here I stand!"
"Hah! you fool! you think this is torture?" he laughed at his demon,
"My angel was right! I am stronger than you! face me! come on!"
To be continued.....

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