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Young girl, sixteen

With a lot of dreams,

Suddenly ran into the

Wrong thing and was

Blinded by a four-letter word.

Her friends once told her

He was no good, they already

Knew, and she didn’t think

They truly understood. 

Mature as she was she would say

“I’m grown, I can handle my own,”

The young girl would look her

Family in the eye, as she would

Walk away while they weep and sigh.


As time went on he kept her in the

Latest fashion, she thought he was

Giving out of concern and passion.

One day came and he was ready for her,

Emotionally she felt guilty and deceived to

Have her innocence tooken, so naive.

She asked “why do you wanna do this to me,”

He responded, “It’s your time to pay respectively,”

He went on without proceeding to ask,

Never thinking of it again, she left it in the past.


This young girl started seeing other guys

Because she felt, he wasn’t her place.

Jealousy arouse, he was fed up and

Pleaded a case.

Little did the young girl know her life

Was in danger, told many times before;

Please just leave the stranger.

Once spoken for the heart

“I’ll love him ‘til death do us part,”

She meant this seriously as her

Day became dark.

Cursed by the black rose,

He said she belonged to him.

BOOM! Shot to the head, and

Her body remained motionless, 

As she lied dead.



He took her hope, freedom and life

Without thinking twice.

He wanted her all to himself,

He felt that it was right.

Faces silent, full of tears

Surrounded in this cold world

Tormented without fear.

Walking slowly, he dropped a

Black rose in her coffin,

Staring around at others.

With his head hanging low,

He had to face reality,

And realize it wasn’t life

For him either anymore.


From the beginning

Death was going to partake

But everyone learns and are

Encouraged by their own mistakes.

Lesson learns is love doesn’t

Hurt or abuse.

Young girls, taking advantage 

At times may be refused.

Being cursed by this rose because

Of the choice she chose

We know she’s with a better man,

Which is in God’s hands.


Make better decisions, or

Death will set in and night will fall,

Pay attention, young girls,

Please just listen, that’s all.

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