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A hug changed everything

How little things can change so much...

I never thought that those things of stop listening to every sound in a crowded area and with loud music like in a disco was possible with just a hug.

I went with my 2 friends to a disco, my roommate and a girl, we 3 are always together for about 5 months, at the disco in the beginning there wasn't many people but soon became very crowded and the music was very loud. I was getting tired of that and was going home, but she convinced me to stay and we tried to dance, at first she hold me one hand because it was cold then the other, and suddenly she putted her head on my chest and her arms around my body. My arms seemed to have own will and hugged her. That moment only lasted for 30 seconds, but I remember of only listening to her, her breathe and nothing else, the crowd seemed to give us space (but it was just my imagination because they didn't). For me it was magic.
... after that I started to have feelings for her, against my own will, because she has a boyfriend who she seems to love, and even so there are lot of people who like her, she can choose anyone...
But I made my decision, same as always, make her be happy, and help her with her relationship if she needs.

Sorry for this but I repeated some parts of "My story..."

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