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dont go looking for love

Its oh so typical
You dont know where to go
Someones got you broken inside
But dont you give up hope
Its just transitional
True love will materialize, yeah
Youre gonna find it, but

Oh baby dont look for love
Dont you know that love
Will find its way to your heart
Yeah, youre gonna find it
But dont go looking for love
Dont you see that love is there wherever you are
Its all inside of you

Youre searching for a face
To fill that empty space
But nobodys got you open tonight
Be patient and endure
Oh baby rest for sure
There will be salvation in time, yeah
Youre gonna find it, but

Gotta find a way to tap into your inner place
And make you stronger
You gotta make it make you strong enough now
Gotta let the pain subside and liberate your mind
Hold on baby, love will arrive

Chorus until fade

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