A cold rainy day
Skys gray
Not really much to say

Im thinking about you again today
I cant get you off  my mind
The years that we were together
Are now far behind

I dont really understand
Its hard for me to conceive
Why I cant shake the thought of you
Like the wind shakes the trees

The pain you put me through
No one could take
But when I left you
I thought my heart was going to break

After all these years
I still come to these days
Where I wonder.......
Did I make a mistake



Comments (3)
  • I can relate to this one I think everyone has someone they wonder what if about.
    • OMG! Den! This is your best one yet, I think,! I really can feel every word you're saying and it flows so very nicely... awesome. C
      • Confuse or undecided...sometimes it is too late to go back. Sometimes acceptance of reality is too hard when it invovles your heart. Brokenheart heals into another form and never stay the same just gets stronger. Until there is a person to soften the lava that has cool and turn into granite... Until you meet the person to melt your heart again so its form can change. Until that person comes the heart is a rock that just there... ANd we keep living.