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i am me

ii stand 0n mah 0wn tw0 f33t. . .ii w0rk f0r what ii g0t. . .diidnt n0 b0dy giiv3 m3 shyt. . .mah m0m alwayz t0ld m3 aiint n0thiing iin liif3 fr33. . .and that just mad3 m3 wanna fiight hard3r s0 that ii can hav3 what ii want and n33d. . .wh3n thiingz g0t bad ii n3v3r gav3 up and d0nt plan 0n d0iin iit n0w. . .iiv3 b33n thr3w shyt n0t m0st w0m3n g0 thr3w but ii d0nt us3 iit f0r a r3as0n t0 fuck up iin liif3. . .wh3n ii fall ii g3t up dust mah s3lf 0ff and tak3 iit as a l3ss0n l3arn. . .ii l3arn th3r3z n0 p3rf3ct 3ndiin just a n3w b3giinniing, a n3w start. . .what u say 0r thiink 0f m3 iisnt n33d3d and d03snt m3an shyt. . .cuz at th3 3nd 0f th3 day iim stiill M3

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