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The Cliff

I laughed to myself.

No one was around to see what I was about to do. What crazy, wild, thing I could do. And now no one could stop me.


            Nah, I wasn’t stupid. Curious, maybe. Filled with mind-boggling adrenaline and If I didn’t move, If I didn’t do something I would explode.


            Even on the chilly car ride there, my fingers tapped anxiously on the steering wheel while my feet urged to press harder on the acceleration.

            I smiled as I shot 75 miles per hour on the black tar. The car screeched to a stop and spun slightly before I jumped out.

            I stripped off my jacket, throwing it on the hood. I climbed over rocks to the edge of the cliff.    Letting the wind play with my hair, I kicked off my shoes.

            With my sweatpants on, I closed my eyed. With slight help from the breeze, I fell down off with no thought about it.


            As I fell, I could see outside my body. I could see myself falling from a distance. How I looked like I was melting into the air. My face was pale and emotionless, my hair fluttering above my body. Until I saw my body crash into the water.


            That’s when I realized I was in the water too. I was back in my body. The cold struck me and I smiled and toothy smile under the water. The cold quickly numbed my body, making my limbs heavy and stiff.


            They dragged my under with sharp, painful, frozen claws under the currents. Like a small child’s rag doll I was tossed through the water, deeper, and deeper until the cold didn’t hurt anymore.


            It felt numb, it felt good. Then the dark blue faded to black and everything was still.                   

                                                                                                                                 Written and Published by: ELaine (C)2008

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